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Our WMS is customized product of the 3PL Software company on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. It allows us to create the most value for your bottom line and for your customers today! We may guarantee that yours and your customers’ critical data is accurate and secure. Technology makes your data highly responsive. We manage your inventory more efficiently then most others. Due our smart tools that help us make effective and fast operations. 3PLink is an integral part of  technology solution we use. It pays for itself quickly. You can be totally confident in our WMS reliability. 3PLink is helping us to manage our operations better. Technology we use will make you a better strategic partner for your customers.

Our tech solutions



ecommerce fulfillment

  • Pick, pack and ship for multi piece orders.
  • Custom packing slips available.
  • EDI integration.
  • Drop stream integration to connect to popular shopping carts.
  • Integrations to UPS, FedEx and USPS available.

cold storage

  • Typically food grade warehousing and pharmaceuticals.
  • Lot traceability and reporting per food modernization act.
  • Picking by FIFO or FEFO, advanced code data rules for retail compliance.

traditional pallet in/out

reverse logistics

As value added services

kitting, etc.

As value added services


  • Tier 2 reporting and DOT compliant HazMat BOLs. MSDS sheets.
  • CAS formula tracking/ Un number for hazardous substance identification.
  • Standard comments (such as emergency contact information) can be printed on outbound paperwork.

retail fulfilment

  • Retail compliance EDI and labels.
  • VICS BOL and custom packing slip.
  • Dropship.


  • Typical pallet in/out operations.
  • Across various industries, including apparel, chemicals, automotive, paper, and more.

Vendor managed inventory

As value added services

Work orders & service orders

As value added services

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