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Frequently Asked Questions

Although Warehousing, distribution and 3PL services are becoming more and more globally unified, many questions still arise. While the influence of technology grows, there is still some confusion.Therefore, let us reassure you: R&S Logistics uses only userfriendly technology. Our WMS(Warehouse Management System) is robust, reliable and safe; Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the best-known integration platform.

Questions will still emerge. Don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to answer your questions and help you accomplish your goals. The more we know about your business, the more efficient our service to you. Allgreat service begins with questions and answers. We want to serve you best.

With what type of clients does R&S work?

All types of customers are welcome. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large, if your product is simple or complex. Whether your commitment is short-term or long, we can help you. 

Why use R&S?

We believe in the individual approach with our customers. No “one size fits all” methodology. Most of the 3PL industry is driven by automation and technology, making it hard to get an individual approach to your business. This is where R&S stands out: we use technology to improve our customer care. Because the customer always comes first.

How long will it take to get started?

We are prepared and equipped to get you started as quickly as you need. Let’s call it a “today/tomorrow” time period: sign the contract today, and tomorrow you are in our care.

Want to start today? No problem. We’re ready to take care of your needs.

“I have freight brokers we use around the country out of our other warehouses, and occasionally I’ll get a quote from them to compare to your rates. The [other] freight broker was about $100 less than your rate, but I’ve really come to rely on the added service you provide. The choice was simple, therefore, and I’m glad I went in with your number.”

Eric, Sales


Metal Deck Supply

“We have worked with warehouse providers in the past for our distribution services that, at times, have taken up to five days to respond to a request or inquiry. R&S Logistics on the other hand, is typically responsive within two hours and always provide us with an answer to our question and resolution of our issues.”

Scott, Manager 


Chemical Company

"You guys are awesome!"

Brooke, Sales


Refractory Solutions Company

"I would like to thank R&S Logistics Lenoir City, TN warehouse for their personal touch in handling C. Chemical’s Zion, IL Business! R&S Logistics provides friendly, professional, efficient, timely and very helpful service. Our Business is carefully monitored, which includes: inbound truck loads, daily shipments to our customers, proper paperwork, weekly inventory reports and yearend inventory The office personnel’s strong communication to our customer service and inventory departments (and the strong warehouse employees) ensures OTIF, clean, accurate shipments to our customers… R&S makes C. “look good” Tending to the unexpected: labeling errors, shipment errors, damaged shipments - The R&S Teams handling of these difficult situations makes for a smooth transition for C. and more often invisible transition to C. customers We greatly appreciate everything. Our business relationship has become a Team!!!!"

Dawn, Operations


Chemical Company

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