Don’t Miss These Big Restaurant Trends | R&S Logistics

When it comes to hot restaurant trends, R&S Logistics knows it’s easy to get caught up in every hyper-seasonal flavor-of-the-moment. Sriracha was on fire for a while… and then it got overdone. Kale became synonymous with health food… and its snobbery. But there are a few restaurant trends that are nowhere near their ceiling and we can only expect those to grow.

The Instagram Effect is Buzzing.
Or call it the social media effect. The main point is that customers are learning more about new restaurants they want to check out by tuning into Instagram, Twitter and Facebook–more so than billboards or traditional advertising.

Potential diners are running across new hot spots because the people eating there take interior pictures. They take photos of the food and the restaurant ambiance.

That means that restaurants now have to think about interior design that’s going to look good for social sharing–and perhaps even invest in more logo covered dinnerware!

Social sharing is indeed changing the ambiance of many restaurants and owners cannot afford to ignore the trend.

Fast Casual Isn’t Going Away.
The fast casual sector of restaurants continues to grow because it benefits both customers and restaurateurs. Customers want an experience that’s better than traditional fast food, but they don’t necessarily want to deal with tipping waiters and finding themselves in a more upscale environment.

For restaurants, they can get away with charging higher prices than fast food establishments, without being forced to hire more wait staff. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Clean Eating Is Here to Stay.
When in doubt, restaurants can’t go wrong with food that customers see as “closer to home.” That means local produce, antibiotic-free protein, and often really configurable food items which can work with a variety of different diets. That means folks eating keto, low calorie, Mediterranean, low carb, and paleo diets all want to have choices at the same restaurant.

Restaurants like Panera have risen to the challenge. Can you master this trend, too?

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Cash In with a Great Father’s Day Campaign | R&S Logistics

>It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping. -John Sinor

To all of our retailers and e-commerce friends, summer is the time to hustle! The season is filled with opportunities and you don’t want to miss out on sales this Father’s Day! R&S Logistics has a list of ideas to help make sure you reach as many dads and families celebrating Dad’s day as possible.

How do you reach your customers? Are you using social media? Do you have an email list and newsletter? Be sure to have as much fun as you can promoting your business for Father’s Day. Consider a few of these seasonal promotions, depending upon what works with your particular business:

  • A Guy and His Grill
  • Chef Dad
  • Little League Dad
  • Bacon and Beer
  • Dad’s Day Barbecue Sale
  • Father-Son Fishing
  • Daddy-Daughter Dance
  • Gearhead Sale

Want to throw a contest for the holiday? Consider some of these ideas:

  • Tag a deserving dad and we’ll send him a discount
  • Post a picture with your dad’s favorite family activity
  • Send us your favorite “dad joke”–terribly cheesy puns are welcome
  • Tell us about your favorite memory with your father
  • Post a #ThrowbackThursday photo with Dad
  • Post a GIF that describes your dad
  • Post a #TransformationTuesday photo of your dad who has gotten fit
  • Tell us about your Father’s Day plans–all in emoji

Need more social media ideas?

Definitely create a gift guide to show your online followers how you can help them figure out their Father’s Day dilemma. Let’s be honest–plenty of families struggle trying to figure out how to say thank you to their dad. Show them how your business could help make the holiday stress-free!

Get inspired by these Father’s Day gift ideas!

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Considerations For Shipping Perishable Foods | R&S Logistics

One of the best things about running an e-commerce business is the ability to put your product into the hands of customers near and far. If you happen to sell perishable goods, however, shipping can become a rather sticky issue. R&S Logistics always wants to help make the complicated simple, so we’ve compiled some tips for e-commerce businesses wishing to ship out perishable foods.

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At the end of the day, you want to be able to provide your customers with a satisfying experience whether they purchase your product in-store or order it online to have it shipped to their home. Nothing sours the reputation of a good business as fast as dissatisfied customers who’ve received poor quality goods. Without the right shipping solutions in place, your customers could be in danger of getting stale goods, leaky foods, smooshed treats and plenty of disappointment.

Start small and scale as you grow.
Let’s say you’re a bakery that’s made a name for itself and you’d like and you’d like to start offering shipping of your products. One way to start is to only ship out one particular item. Are you known for amazing bread pudding? Do you have a signature dessert? Start there, and perfect the process before even thinking about expanding your options.

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Try a test run before shipping to any customers.
Box up your perishable good and leave it in the trunk of your car for a few days to give yourself an idea of how well the product can withstand travel on hot trucks during the summer months. You might use a branded cooler bag with polystyrene packaging for further insulation.

Keep it cool and fresh.
Some perishable items hold up very well to freezing, and in that case a business will often ship the product in its frozen state so it can better survive a few days of travel. Can’t freeze the product? You’ll still need to keep it cool with gel packs or dry ice.

Keep an eye on sustainability.
Customers today are ordering more perishable goods online than ever before, and with it, they’re receiving an incredible amount of waste from packaging. Anything you can do to lighten the load is going to be a win-win for you and your customer. That means you might want to opt for dry ice over gel packs since the latter become something the customer has to find a home for.

To be fair, this is a topic that we could discuss for hours, but for now, we invite you to call on R&S Logistics for your 3PL needs. R&S proudly offers solutions rather than services, and everything we do is custom designed just for you and your business’s needs. Visit our website today to learn more about our company, and request your free quote!

How Will Your Business Make The Most Of Mother’s Day? | R&S Logistics

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12. If you haven’t yet prepared special promotions for your business to benefit from the nearly $24 billion spent in the US alone, let R&S Logistics help you begin churning ideas.



Offer a Mother’s Day Bundle
It doesn’t matter if you sell services, products, or both. Create at least one special bundle that makes sense for moms. People are constantly on the hunt for simple solutions to their needs, especially when it comes to gifts. You might also offer the bundle(s) at a discount compared to buying the components separately.

Create Some Kids-Only Specials
Depending upon your business, price some services or products just for kids looking to get mom a great gift with their hard-earned savings. Think about having a few price points between $10 and $50 dollars max. You’ll garner the attention of parents and grandparents looking to help their kids as well. This is the kind of promotion that can give your company a ton of positive PR.

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Make A Gift Guide Exclusive To Your Company
Gift guides are smart for any gift-giving occasion, but especially when it comes to a holiday like Mother’s Day, you have kids and grownups alike panicking about what to get the mom who has everything or never wants anyone to make a big deal over her, etc. Even if you didn’t think ahead to get this into a print advertisement, you can post the guide online and get plenty of traction! Consider sectioning off the guide for various “types” of moms–soccer moms, crunchy moms, new moms, extra busy moms and more.

Make May 12 All About Mom
Find a way to honor mothers all day long on Mother’s Day. Restaurants could offer a free dessert or special for moms. Any business–whether physical or online–can hold a drawing with gift card prizes for mom. Or you might decide to team up with a number of like-minded businesses to create a super sweepstakes! Whatever you do, try to offer something special all day long to celebrate mothers.

How will your business celebrate moms this spring? Head over to our Facebook page and join the discussion, get more tips, and connect to your most thorough and thoughtful 3PL, R&S Logistics!

3 Retail Campaigns For Summer Sizzle | R&S Logistics

Across the United States, folks are saying ‘buh bye’ to winter and making their summer getaway plans. As a retailer, are you prepared to tap into your customers’ desires and create a sizzling hot summer campaign? R&S Logistics has pulled together some timeless summer marketing ideas you can start thinking about right note for more successful summer sales.

Summer Celebrations
Summer is the time to party in the USA! Schedules start filling up with graduations, weddings, cookouts, block parties, family reunions and so much more. Independence Day itself generates billions in sales and the average couple spends more than $36,000 on their wedding–so summertime celebrations are not something you want to miss out on as a retailer. Be sure that your summer campaign includes plenty to attract partygoers. Whether you’re selling the supplies or food people need for a party, the clothing that will make them look and feel fantastic, or anything else to elevate a summer celebration, this is a great time to remind customers how much your products can make their parties pop.

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Globe Trotting
We all know that leisure travel is huge in the summer months, so take advantage of the opportunity to the benefit of your business. Make sure that you’re reaching out to travelers of every variety as much as your products are able to do so. Camping gear–not to mention glamping gear–and anything that makes a road trip better, any products that benefit frequent flyers should all be front and center this summer. If you happen to sell more global goods, consider how you might appeal to those on a staycation to sell the idea of an international party at home. Travel, even just the desire to travel is so strong, every business needs to tap into this for better summer sales.

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College Bound
You’ve also got a great opportunity in reaching college students and their parents all summer long. You’re safe to begin your back-to-college marketing campaign even in the midst of graduation season, because there are plenty of families spending their summer making plans for the college bound. In fact, part of your campaign’s appeal can lie in relieving a bit of the pressure parents and students may feel and getting them prepared ahead of time so they’re not scrambling at the last minute to get things done before moving into the dorm. Remember, any retailer who’s selling products to make dorm life easier or more fun will definitely want to have a back-to-college campaign in place.

Have you prepared your business for a successful summer? We want to help your business thrive through every season, and we’ve got a wide variety of tools to get it done. Visit our website today.

Green Office Ideas For International Earth Day | R&S Logistics

Every business owner is looking for ways to save more money, and today, an increasing number of businesses are trying to go green at the same time. R&S Logistics prides itself on offering solutions that work for your business–and not just cookie cutter answers, either. That’s why we partner with our clients to create an incredible relationship to attend to the triple bottom line, value-added services, and more.

In honor of International Earth Day in March, we’ve gathered some eco-friendly ideas a business might consider to save some additional green.

Switch over to powerstrips.
Appliances can expend a good deal of energy even when they are turned off. One of the simplest things you can do in your office is to get all of your electronics and appliances plugged into powerstrips. The benefit lies in having an easily accessible means of turning appliances off when the office is closed.

Shop around wherever you can.
If any of your offices are located in a state with energy deregulation, be sure to shop around for your energy needs. You can visit a website called Electricity Plans for further help.

Turn off the computers.
We know this sounds so basic, but far too many offices operate with computers which are rarely ever turned off. Some experts advise that leaving a single PC on overnight can add more than $200 a year in energy consumption costs! You can learn more about what it takes to power a computer and its components here.

Purchase second-hand equipment wherever you can.
Did you know that a business can easily save more than half the cost of buying previously used computer equipment, copiers, office furniture and more? While you certainly wouldn’t want to purchase everything used, it’s an easily overlooked way to save money and go green at the same time.

How have your green efforts been going? R&S Logistics would love to help you further your business in every way with our innovative full-service 3PL solutions. You can learn more about our services on our website, including our expertise in biofuels, or give us a call anytime at 1-877-702-7183.