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The Problem

A home building materials company had bad experiences with a 3PL provider’s service related to communications, lead times, organization, and damaged goods.

Initial Solution

The materials company partnered with a Knoxville-area warehouse provider to move its inventory for convenient storage, better distribution, reliable and trustworthy service, and room to grow.

Current Status & Results

The partnership has led to the home building materials company expanding from 2,000 square feet of inventory space to over 20,000 square feet currently. Expanded services benefiting the regional needs of the company now include sample cutting for vendors, breaking down pallets for drop-shipping to customers, and same-day communication response.

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Needing Reliable & Trustworthy Knoxville Warehouse & Distribution

A southeast-based home building materials company became frustrated with the service they were receiving from their existing 3PL service provider.

On top of waiting days (often an entire work week) to get any communication updates on orders, they began to experience unreasonably long shipping delays. To top it all, poor warehouse organization and process seemed to result in a growing amount of damaged goods missing from inventory without any notice or accountability taken by the warehouse company.

To solve these problems, they sought a reliable warehousing and distribution provider in the Knoxville, Tennessee region with which to partner.

When they initially transitioned to using R&S Logistics for 3PL service, they were using 2,000 square feet to store and send their products. Immediately, they noticed significant improvements in their warehouse and distribution operation. The partnership began to help them save on expenses and reduce wasted time for the company, too.

“I sought the expertise of R&S Logistics to help solve the problems experienced in my previous 3PL provider. They had repeated issues of poor communication, unorganized, slow to ship orders, made excuses for their mistakes and inventory damaged/missing along the way,” said Lee Hurst. “R&S has been able to solve all of these problems reducing the stress of operations while saving time and money.”

Excellent Warehouse Standards Help Achieve Growth

R&S helped this home building materials company streamline it’s warehousing and distribution needs in the region by providing reliable warehouse solutions. This allowed the manufacturer to improve its service to customers and reduced wasted products with many upgraded features that come standard with R&S:

  • Same-day communication (an R&S core value)
  • Accountability (when issues occur, R&S takes responsibility)
  • An organized, clean, and dry facility (standard practice at all R&S warehouses)

It’s been two years since the new 3PL partnership began with R&S Logistics. Since inception, R&S has helped this company by scaling with them as they’ve grown over 10x from their original space needs to over 20,000 square feet. 

Because of the unique dedication and scalability provided by R&S, the manufacturer has confidence in its current and future operations. They also know they don’t have to look for a new provider as they continue to grow in the future–and that consistency brings peace of mind to their leadership team.

More Than A Warehouse

R&S has provided the home building manufacturer a top-quality warehouse service in Knoxville, and that includes additional value-added support. With more services available than storage space management, R&S has helped them as more needs have come up. This has allowed them to grow and improve service and product quality over time. Examples of these valuable services include:

  • Sample cutting to send to vendors (not just distributors) on their behalf
  • Breaks down pallets of products when needed
  • Dropshipping products to customers for orders
  • Same-day order communication and responses (this is particularly impressive to them) 

About R&S Logistics

R&S Logistics is Knoxville’s premier warehouse solutions provider. With reliable service, a dedicated team, and a partnership-mindset, they focus on solving the problems preventing customers from growing their companies. They are known for “above-and-beyond” service and additional support in all areas of warehousing and distribution.