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The Problem

A manufacturer supply company is looking to improve speed and proximity to customers in supply chain fulfillment.

Initial Solution

The supply company partnered with a Knoxville-area warehouse provider to establish a distribution hub that was more convenient for its customers in the region.

Current Status & Results

The partnership has expanded to include additional benefits to the supplier, like on-demand local delivery, custom material modification to meet specific customer needs, and providing custom and cost-effective transportation coordination.

Searching For A Knoxville Warehouse

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply knew they needed to serve customers quicker and with more value than they currently had the capacity to handle. To solve this problem, they looked for a trustworthy partner to serve their warehouse and distribution needs in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

When A.C.T. first contacted R&S Logistics, it was to grow their reach through basic warehousing service in East Tennessee. At first, they only needed to store their supplies for distribution. After engaging in a partnership, they were impressed by the basic improvements they noticed with their new warehouse operations experience. In addition, the relationship developed with the R&S warehouse management team gave them a newfound trust in their warehouse partner they hadn’t always experienced in the past.

Achieving The Goal Through Excellent Warehouse Service

R&S helped A.C.T. achieve its goal by providing reliable warehouse solutions. This allowed the supplier to get closer to their customers with many upgraded features that come standard with R&S:

  • Clear, same-day communication (an R&S core value)
  • Ownership, collaboration, and a partner-mindset (when issues occur, R&S takes responsibility)
  • A clean, dry, and safe facility (standard practice at all R&S warehouses)

It’s been many years since A.C.T. originally partnered with R&S Logistics. Over that time, the services provided have expanded beyond basic warehousing. Because of the unique dedication and additional benefits provided by R&S, A.C.T. has grown tremendously.

“R&S has been taking care of us for many years. They have a great sense of urgency and treat us like we are their only customer,” said Vince Polizzi, Vice President of Operations at A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply. “We have 15 locations across the country where we present warehouse of the year awards. R & S has won it twice. That should tell you that they are the best at what they do!”

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Expanding Beyond Warehousing

Though R&S has provided A.C.T. top-quality warehouse service in Knoxville, it’s the additional valuable support that has allowed A.C.T. to grow, increase their impact, and improve the quality of their offering. Examples of these value-added services include:

  • Cutting metal sheets to contractors’ specifications
  • Coordinating transportation solutions that are cost-effective
  • Quick local delivery to supply customers at construction sites (using the more convenient truck and trailer delivery method–not the more difficult semi-truck)
  • Custom transport options available as needed to suit customer needs

Awarding an Exceptional Warehousing Partnership

As a result of the great partnership between these two companies and the extra service provided, A.C.T. has awarded R&S Logistics the Warehouse of the Year award twice (and likely would have more often, but their policy is not to award the same company two consecutive years).

About R&S Logistics

R&S Logistics is Knoxville’s premier warehouse solutions provider. With reliable service, a dedicated team, and a partnership-mindset, they focus on solving the problems preventing customers from growing their companies. They are known for “above-and-beyond” service and additional support in all areas of warehousing and distribution.