When it comes to hot restaurant trends, R&S Logistics knows it’s easy to get caught up in every hyper-seasonal flavor-of-the-moment. Sriracha was on fire for a while… and then it got overdone. Kale became synonymous with health food… and its snobbery. But there are a few restaurant trends that are nowhere near their ceiling and we can only expect those to grow.

The Instagram Effect is Buzzing.
Or call it the social media effect. The main point is that customers are learning more about new restaurants they want to check out by tuning into Instagram, Twitter and Facebook–more so than billboards or traditional advertising.

Potential diners are running across new hot spots because the people eating there take interior pictures. They take photos of the food and the restaurant ambiance.

That means that restaurants now have to think about interior design that’s going to look good for social sharing–and perhaps even invest in more logo covered dinnerware!

Social sharing is indeed changing the ambiance of many restaurants and owners cannot afford to ignore the trend.

Fast Casual Isn’t Going Away.
The fast casual sector of restaurants continues to grow because it benefits both customers and restaurateurs. Customers want an experience that’s better than traditional fast food, but they don’t necessarily want to deal with tipping waiters and finding themselves in a more upscale environment.

For restaurants, they can get away with charging higher prices than fast food establishments, without being forced to hire more wait staff. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Clean Eating Is Here to Stay.
When in doubt, restaurants can’t go wrong with food that customers see as “closer to home.” That means local produce, antibiotic-free protein, and often really configurable food items which can work with a variety of different diets. That means folks eating keto, low calorie, Mediterranean, low carb, and paleo diets all want to have choices at the same restaurant.

Restaurants like Panera have risen to the challenge. Can you master this trend, too?

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