>It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping. -John Sinor

To all of our retailers and e-commerce friends, summer is the time to hustle! The season is filled with opportunities and you don’t want to miss out on sales this Father’s Day! R&S Logistics has a list of ideas to help make sure you reach as many dads and families celebrating Dad’s day as possible.

How do you reach your customers? Are you using social media? Do you have an email list and newsletter? Be sure to have as much fun as you can promoting your business for Father’s Day. Consider a few of these seasonal promotions, depending upon what works with your particular business:

  • A Guy and His Grill
  • Chef Dad
  • Little League Dad
  • Bacon and Beer
  • Dad’s Day Barbecue Sale
  • Father-Son Fishing
  • Daddy-Daughter Dance
  • Gearhead Sale

Want to throw a contest for the holiday? Consider some of these ideas:

  • Tag a deserving dad and we’ll send him a discount
  • Post a picture with your dad’s favorite family activity
  • Send us your favorite “dad joke”–terribly cheesy puns are welcome
  • Tell us about your favorite memory with your father
  • Post a #ThrowbackThursday photo with Dad
  • Post a GIF that describes your dad
  • Post a #TransformationTuesday photo of your dad who has gotten fit
  • Tell us about your Father’s Day plans–all in emoji

Need more social media ideas?

Definitely create a gift guide to show your online followers how you can help them figure out their Father’s Day dilemma. Let’s be honest–plenty of families struggle trying to figure out how to say thank you to their dad. Show them how your business could help make the holiday stress-free!

Get inspired by these Father’s Day gift ideas!

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