This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12. If you haven’t yet prepared special promotions for your business to benefit from the nearly $24 billion spent in the US alone, let R&S Logistics help you begin churning ideas.



Offer a Mother’s Day Bundle
It doesn’t matter if you sell services, products, or both. Create at least one special bundle that makes sense for moms. People are constantly on the hunt for simple solutions to their needs, especially when it comes to gifts. You might also offer the bundle(s) at a discount compared to buying the components separately.

Create Some Kids-Only Specials
Depending upon your business, price some services or products just for kids looking to get mom a great gift with their hard-earned savings. Think about having a few price points between $10 and $50 dollars max. You’ll garner the attention of parents and grandparents looking to help their kids as well. This is the kind of promotion that can give your company a ton of positive PR.

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Make A Gift Guide Exclusive To Your Company
Gift guides are smart for any gift-giving occasion, but especially when it comes to a holiday like Mother’s Day, you have kids and grownups alike panicking about what to get the mom who has everything or never wants anyone to make a big deal over her, etc. Even if you didn’t think ahead to get this into a print advertisement, you can post the guide online and get plenty of traction! Consider sectioning off the guide for various “types” of moms–soccer moms, crunchy moms, new moms, extra busy moms and more.

Make May 12 All About Mom
Find a way to honor mothers all day long on Mother’s Day. Restaurants could offer a free dessert or special for moms. Any business–whether physical or online–can hold a drawing with gift card prizes for mom. Or you might decide to team up with a number of like-minded businesses to create a super sweepstakes! Whatever you do, try to offer something special all day long to celebrate mothers.

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