Across the United States, folks are saying ‘buh bye’ to winter and making their summer getaway plans. As a retailer, are you prepared to tap into your customers’ desires and create a sizzling hot summer campaign? R&S Logistics has pulled together some timeless summer marketing ideas you can start thinking about right note for more successful summer sales.

Summer Celebrations
Summer is the time to party in the USA! Schedules start filling up with graduations, weddings, cookouts, block parties, family reunions and so much more. Independence Day itself generates billions in sales and the average couple spends more than $36,000 on their wedding–so summertime celebrations are not something you want to miss out on as a retailer. Be sure that your summer campaign includes plenty to attract partygoers. Whether you’re selling the supplies or food people need for a party, the clothing that will make them look and feel fantastic, or anything else to elevate a summer celebration, this is a great time to remind customers how much your products can make their parties pop.

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Globe Trotting
We all know that leisure travel is huge in the summer months, so take advantage of the opportunity to the benefit of your business. Make sure that you’re reaching out to travelers of every variety as much as your products are able to do so. Camping gear–not to mention glamping gear–and anything that makes a road trip better, any products that benefit frequent flyers should all be front and center this summer. If you happen to sell more global goods, consider how you might appeal to those on a staycation to sell the idea of an international party at home. Travel, even just the desire to travel is so strong, every business needs to tap into this for better summer sales.

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College Bound
You’ve also got a great opportunity in reaching college students and their parents all summer long. You’re safe to begin your back-to-college marketing campaign even in the midst of graduation season, because there are plenty of families spending their summer making plans for the college bound. In fact, part of your campaign’s appeal can lie in relieving a bit of the pressure parents and students may feel and getting them prepared ahead of time so they’re not scrambling at the last minute to get things done before moving into the dorm. Remember, any retailer who’s selling products to make dorm life easier or more fun will definitely want to have a back-to-college campaign in place.

Have you prepared your business for a successful summer? We want to help your business thrive through every season, and we’ve got a wide variety of tools to get it done. Visit our website today.