Recent announcements of sweeping store closures for big names like Toys R Us, JC Penney, and Sam’s Club have caused many to lament–or debate–the death of retail. However, some industry experts have stepped up to say that retail is in fact not dying–its landscape is simply changing. In reality, plenty of retailers are thriving despite the changes and yes, Amazon. R&S Logistics has complied four key ways a retailer may stay relevant to flourish through this new world.

Set your sights on satisfied, yet pleasantly surprised customers.
Every successful retailer knows the importance of keeping your customers happy. But to achieve longevity and relevance today requires something more–you must be able to keep them coming back by utilizing the element of surprise. Remember, in the digital age, consumers are seeking an experience, and the retailer who finds a way to surprise and delight their customers will remain. Consider some of the recent retail flops–in these cases the retailers have held onto clunky websites and outdated sales tactics. None of these can be said to keep their customers on their toes, guessing what good things would come next.

Tell a true story that resonates with your customers.
If you look at some of the oldest and most successful retailers, you’ll see that most of these brands excel at telling a story. Not just any story. Successful retailers are telling true stories. A good story isn’t about needless hype. Instead, effective stories stick to the facts and talk about the retailer’s legacy and the customers who have taken part in that legacy every day. It’s not just celebrity spokespersons–it’s how ordinary people and celebrities alike are united in these tales.

Find a way to be as transparent as you can be.
This goes hand in hand with telling a true story. Your customers know they’re being sold to, but when a business is transparent, customers no longer feel they’re being reeled in. They feel like their purchase matters and the business is trustworthy. Detailed online tracking is just one way successful companies are accomplishing this. Customers want to know what happens to their order every step along the way. Today’s top retailers are answering that desire.

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Integrate the online and brick and mortar experience.
Sweeping store closures make this painfully clear. No retailer can afford to exist in a vacuum today. They must find a way to offer customers as seamless an experience as possible–whether they shop online, in-store, from their phones, or with an app. Returns and exchanges should be simple. Coupons and offers should be easily accessible. Despite some hiccups along the way, Target’s mobile app and Cartwheel has wowed in this aspect. Customers can scan barcodes at home or in-store, return online orders in-store and easily find offers with their personal account information all in one place.

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