When you partner with a third party logistics provider (3PL), it’s imperative that you look at the partnership as a real relationship to get the most out of your 3PL connection. Your friendly experts at R&S Logistics have gathered some tips to help “you feel the love” this Valentine’s day with your 3PL.

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Consider what the 3PL does best and confirm that’s what you want.
When choosing between 3PL providers, make sure that your business needs are met by the 3PL’s strengths. You want to make sure you have a compatible relationship from the start.

Weigh the services offered for the price.
Don’t just assume that cheaper is better, or that more expensive is better. Comparison shop among competitors and look at the cost versus value of every key element in your supply chain to make sure you’re getting a great deal.

Check out the company culture.
Do you and your prospective 3PL share values? You want your 3PL to have a similar company culture, or at the very least understand yours, for a beneficial long-term relationship. Take a look at this infographic to discover why company culture matters.

Get to know the 3PL team.
To make the most of your 3PL relationship, make sure that you get to know the team and have more than one contact. Actually, the more relationships you can develop, the better it will be for your business. Should you run into any problems, having more genuine contacts will result in more greater transparency and quicker solutions.

Understand your partnership with a 3PL is collaborative.
In a true partnership, your 3PL should be more than a mere service provider. It should be a collaborative relationship rich in clear and frequent communication.

Be clear about your business goals.
Make sure you’re open about your goals for your and how you want to see them met. Set a long-term vision that both you and your 3PL can consider when planning how to make your supply chain and total business a success.

This February, R&S Logistics is here to help you LOVE your 3PL. We’re here to answer any questions you have about our services to make sure we can enjoy a beautiful relationship! Visit our website today to learn more.