APRIL, 2016


R&S Logistics attends the Wood Bioenergy Conference and International Biomass Conference

The Wood Bioenergy Conference was held in Atlanta, GA on April 4-5, 2016.  The main sessions saw speakers present on the condition of the wood to energy markets, with a focus on wood pellets.  There were breakout sessions that covered projects and operations, products and technologies, dust and safety to looking at getting material from the woods to the plant. This was the fourth Wood Bioenergy Conference, which occurs every two years. To learn more, click here.

The International Biomass Conference and Expo was held in Charlotte, NC on April 11-14.  There were attendees from around the world coming to learn, teach and network within the renewable energy field of Biomass.  The breakout tracks included *Pellets and Densified Biomass, *Biomass Power and Thermal, *Biogas and Landfill Gas and *Advance Biofuels and Biobased Chemicals.  There were also discussions on government Policy, EPA ruling and the future of Biomass as an energy.  The networking component occurred during open hours / evenings and closing event hosted at the Nascar Hall of Fame.  TO learn more, click here.

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