APRIL, 2016


R&S Attends UT Supply Chain Forum •

R&S Logistics team members attended a University of Tennessee Supply Chain Forum, which was held on April 14-16 at the Holiday Inn at the World’s Fair Park.

For nearly two decades, the University of Tennessee’s top ranked Supply Chain Management faculty has hosted a Forum for corporate leaders, professors and students to share ideas about the latest supply chain issues. Over 150 vice presidents, directors, and managers from around 50 top corporations take part in the Forum, learning about key companies’ supply chain strategies, arming themselves with practical ideas, networking with colleagues, and recruiting the cream of UT’s business students. Held twice a year, the three day meetings include presentations, breakout sessions, and networking receptions.

Participant feedback guides both the forum agenda and the research focus, and the intimate setting enables open discussion of challenges and solutions. Members include such supply chain leaders as Procter &Gamble, Amazon.com, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive, and Lockheed Martin. Fully one quarter of the AMR Supply Chain Top 25 are participants.  In addition, members enjoy price discounts on supply chain audits conducted by faculty teams as well as special access to research materials, including faculty members’ prepublications, articles, books, and case studies.

Joe Michalik, chief operations officer for R&S Logistics, said the event was excellent and thanked Ted Stank and Paul Dittmann for their work.

To find out more about the annual Supply Chain Forum, visit their site here.

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